• Introduction of the Museum
  • Collection features

China Tobacco Museum is a professional museum approved by the state. The museum was built by a joint donation from the national tobacco industry. China Tobacco Museum is located at Changyang road and Tongbei road junction, Yangpu district, Shanghai.The total construction area of the museum is 9617 square meters.China Tobacco Museum has exhibition halls such as "tobacco development course", "tobacco agriculture", "tobacco industry", "tobacco economy and trade", "tobacco management", "smoking and tobacco control" and "tobacco culture".The museum has rich and colorful collections with high collection and research value.

The architectural style of China Tobacco Museum is unique.Its shape design is based on Columbus ship and Mayan Temple, which is originality in the domestic urban architecture.The middle of its exterior wall is set with giant granite relief sculpture which is 140 meters long and 4.1 meters high. It solidifies the tobacco development course and tobacco culture on the long roll with vivid sculpture technique and exquisite craft. Standing in front of the museum, five large totem pillars engraved with dragon, phoenix, lion, crane and horse mascot add color to the architectural style of the museum.

The China Tobacco Museum also has a fully functional lecture hall for more than 150 people, a guide system for visitors, a database to provide information to researchers, and so on. The China Tobacco Museum is not only repositories of Chinese tobacco knowledge, but also a place for tourism, sightseeing and leisure.

China Tobacco Museum warmly welcomes guests to visit.

Architectural features|Pavilion introduction

Part A:From the forest fires caused by thunder and lightning, primitive people hunt and feed children in the jungle, and to the deeper primitive worship of the sun, it indicates the original background of the origin of the tobacco culture

Part B:Tobacco motifs with a rich Mayan culture reflect the smoking scenes of ancient times.

Shenzhou Wanli:"Shenzhou Wanli" large painting murals, 28 meters long, 2.8 meters high, is stored in the hall of China Tobacco Museum. It takes Chinese famous scenic spots as the main content. It is innovative and exquisitely crafted by famous masters and is one of the extremely valuable collections of China Tobacco Museum.